Protek Business Management, Inc.
Helping Business Manage Change.
At Protek Benefits we search for
the best companies to bring you
the best plans that can fit into
any budget. We provide a wide
range of plans for both
individuals and businesses.
Whether you are looking for
Major Medical, Life insurance or
supplemental plans to fill in the
gaps we offer a wide range of
plans for just about any
situation and at the price you
can afford.

We make recomendations based on sound reaserch and knowledge of the industry and combine that with your goal and objective. 

We researsch the top companies and will put together a detailed comparative analysis so you can see how your current benefits match up to the best in the industry.

Our objective is to manage change as efficiently as possible by using the latest technology. Whether it's electronic enrollment or platform systems, we implement new enrollments & benefit changes with minimum down time.

The Support before and during the
implementation is important, but
on-going support is what makes the
benefit transition a sucess. We are
a single point of support for both
the administrator & employee.
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Additional Services

Enrollment  Services:

   Initial, new hire & Open Enrollment.

       Electronic, platform & call center enrolling.

       Payroll deduction reporting.
       Section 125 compliance and documentation.

       Off Payroll - Direct Bill  employee benefit option.

Benefit Knowledge:

     Web base training / presenataion & onsite
       training & brochures.
       Video Presentaions.

       Custome Web portal.

       Wellness benefit awareness & promotion.
Administrative & Employee support:

    Online billing assistance, Claims addministration.
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