Nelson Stud & Affiliates Employees, We are pleased to say, the voluntary benefit options you have available through your employer are Guaranteed Issue. What that means is that even if you have a preexisting condition that would normally exclude you from obtain these plans you are is able to sign up. A preexisting condition will not be covered until your plan has been in effect for one year. A preexisting condition is a condition for which you have been treated or diagnosed with in a time frame of 12 months preceding the effective date of your plan. Protek Business Mgmt. Inc
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       Life Term to 100
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Allstate Accident Plan
Nelson Stud Welding Benefit Education Videos

Allstate Critical Illness Plan
Allstate Cancer Plan
Allstate Term to 100 Life
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Contact Tom Mitchell 330-775-3218
Allstate 1800-521-3535


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    Outpatient Physician visit
    Group Accident
    Critical Illness
    Cancer ICU

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